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Hobby's Books

Former Texas Lt Governor Bill Hobby has announced the release of his new book, How Things Really Work: Lessons from a Life in Politics.  Written with Saralee Tiede and published by the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, information about Governor Hobby's new book is available at

November 25, 2013


Texas Exes
April 24, 2010

San Jacinto Day Speech
April 17, 2010

Convocation Address for the UT College of Natural Sciences
Delivered at the University of Texas at Austin, May 19, 2007

The Privatization of Public Higher Education
Delivered at The University of Texas at San Antonio, March 29, 2005

The Privatization of Public Higher Education
Delivered at the University of Virginia, October 2003

Remarks at Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas Dinner
Delivered March 25, 2003 in Austin, Texas

Book Chapter

The Urban System:  The University of Houston
A chapter from the Multicampus System:  Perspectives on Practice and Prospects, published in 1999 by Stylus Publishing, LLC.

Essays Published in Various Newspapers and Magazines


The real crisis in Texas isn't Ebola - TribTalk



Letters to the Editor



A Simple Truth 22-1 Ratio Works


How We Learned to Count One Another: Census Means More as US History Unfolds
Bill Hobby: How to end robocalls for good
Hobby:  Texas has become a national laughingstock


Open Government


Suspicious Ayes in Texas
American Astronomical Society Speech
Before Saving the Nation's Banks, Jones Bailed Out Houston


"Lady Bird Johnson" Article as Published in Houston Chronicle
"Poll Tax" Article as Published in Houston Chronicle


September DeLay


Book Review - Once Upon a Time in Texas:  A Liberal in the Lone Star State


Pardon Me!


Bill Hobby for President!
The Great Y2K Compromise
November Election


Texas Education
Who Counts?
Texas Officials:  Texan or Republican?  Census Paranoia
Just Vote No


Get Out of My Face!


So Maybe Low Voter Turnout Isn't Always a Bad Thing?
Why the Fuss in Congress Over Census Count?
Texas Can Educate Itself Out of Economic Decline


Eloquence Came from Her Head, Not Her Voice (Ann Richards)
Universities Must Embrace Changes
Texas Faces an Uncertain Future
San Antonio's Quest


Software Lets You Write a Texas Budget
Stealth Budget Cuts Hurt Higher Education
TV's Pernicious Effects
New Congress on Line to be Next Big Brother
Affirmative Action Becoming Political Weapon
Past Laws Doing Harm to America's Future
UH Has Problems, But it Excels, Too
Houston Addresses Dropouts
Running Up Debt to Build Prisons
Health Care Reform


Feds Have Forced it on Us
Political Correctness
The High Cost of Health Care
Carbon I and II
Hong Kong
Edward's Aquifer
Research Paying Off for Texas
GOP Might Win U.S. Senate Majority
Tax System
Bangladesh Bank Idea Combats Poverty


A Requiem for the Houston Post
Texas Advanced Placement Project
Practice of Medicine Should be Left to Doctors - SB370
Worker's Compensation System
State Budget Tricks
Health Care Costs
TV Restrictions Smacks of Orwell's 1984
Texas Shadows Michigan's Nightmare
Medicaid Recovery in Texas
Texas Confronting High School Faults
School Finance


State's Frugality has Hurt Too Many Texans
Texas Military Initiative
Punishment Standards Commission
Knowledge, Economics and Technology
Kenedy Court Case
House Banking Scandal
Paying for Public Education
Educators Show It's Possible to Deliver Excellence
Efficient and Effective Schools (1)
Paying for Texas Public Schools
Efficient and Effective Schools (2)
The Childrens Charter
Family Learning Centers
Cornea Transplants
Automated Voting
Texas Adheres to GOP Principles


More Precision than Redistricting Can Provide
Legislative Redistricting Board
Tom Luce
Higher Education
Time to Include Equity in Texas' Tax System
Cancer Pain
Spectroscopic Survey Telescope and the Supercollider
National Rifle Association
Central Intellegence Agency
National Rifle Association Rebuttal
Financing Higher Education
Convenience Store Crime Prevention
Why do Americans Hate Politics?
Frustration with Politics
Mark Twain and Christopher Columbus
Public Education
State Propositions 12 and 13
Serious Concerns about Public Schools
Retired Military as Teachers
Health Care
Emergency Succession
School Finance Reform in an Imperfect World
Legislative Redistricting Board
Who Wants a Two-Term Limit?
The Supreme Court of Texas and School Finance
Problems Facing the New Administration
Marlene Johnson