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2012 Graduations

Texas State University’s
William P. Hobby Center for Public Service
Conducts Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program Graduation
At the Texas Capitol

50 New CPM Graduates Recognized

Texas State University’s William P. Hobby Center for Public Service graduated fifty new Texas Certified Public Managers at the Texas State Capitol on Monday December 10, 2012.  The CPM graduates and their families came from CPM Programs at the following locations: San Marcos, Round Rock, Arlington, Houston, Nacogdoches, Midland, Odessa and Edinburg Texas. The graduates participated in Programs offered by the following universities, Texas State, Texas Tech, Stephen F. Austin, Sam Houston, The University of Houston and the University of Texas at Brownsville.

The CPM graduation speaker, Ms. Sherry Cook, Executive Director of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission spoke about the need for public service and congratulated the graduates on achieving their CPM certification and choosing the fulfilling profession of public service. Ms. Cook herself is a graduate of the Texas Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program.

It should be noted that one of the CPM graduates was Ector County Judge Susan M. Redford who graduated from the Texas Tech CPM Program.

In addition to the graduates receiving their CPM diplomas, Troy Gay, a June 2012 CPM graduate  was recognized for receiving the National Askew Award from the American Academy for Certified Public Managers (AACPM) for the best applied project paper in the state of Texas. 

December 2012 Graduates are listed below by University and CPM Program Location

Texas State University Round Rock:
Arthur Alaniz, Nicholas Bassett, Lou deVirgilio, Edgar Gomez, Paul King, Dawn Moers, Jeffrey Nelson, Michael Nyren, Marissa Saucedo, Liam Sheppard, Kenneth Wilson.

Texas State University San Marcos:
Johnny Casias, Patrick Ealem, Stan Farmer, Craig Hammons, Jesse Montoya.

Texas State University Arlington:
Laurie Kunke, Opal Robertson, Carman Way.

Sam Houston State University, Houston:
Melinda Alfred, Richard Barron II, Arturo Carrillo, DeMarcus Glass, Gloria Guerra, Angelia Lemmonds, Noel Pinnock, Roberto Ramos, Abdi Sadeghi, Jeffrey Williams.

University of Houston, Houston:
Mike Baker, Kevin Harvill, Jeffrey Heyse, Roy Rodriquez.

Stephen F. Austin State University:
Kevin Huckabee, Donald Lankford, Gregory Laudadio, Jeffrey Lyons, Jeffry Powell, Alan Wilcher.

Texas Tech University:
John Alvarez, Clifton Beck, Wayne Chapman, Holly Darby, Charlene Fox, Susan Redford, Merita Sandoval, Regina Stephenson, Stan Tinney, Phillip Urrutia.

University of Texas at Brownsville:
Melba Sanchez

Additional information about the William P. Hobby Center for Public Service and the Texas Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program can be found at

Sherry Cook - Executive Director Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission

Texas Graduates Seventy-one New Certified Public Managers

June 18, 2012


By Sue Breland, CPM, MSIS

At the Texas State Capitol in Austin on June 18, 2012, the William P. Hobby Center for Public Service welcomed seventy-one CPM candidates and their families to celebrate their academic accomplishment. Graduates came from across the state, representing nine program locations: Texas State University programs at Round Rock, San Marcos, San Antonio and Arlington, Sam Houston State University, Stephen F. Austin University, Texas Tech University, University of Texas at Brownsville and at Pan American (see the list of graduates below).

The Honorable William P. Hobby, former Lt. Governor of Texas, was in attendance to introduce the graduation speaker, Laura Huffman, Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy of Texas and long-time friend and instructor in the Texas CPM program. Ms. Huffman congratulated the graduates on achieving this certification and choosing the fulfilling profession of public service. While at this time public service has inherited the burden of a lower level of respect and dignity from a generation ago, we have repair work to do. From her lengthy experience in both city management and The Nature Conservancy leadership she shared these ideas:

  • You can lead from anywhere. It doesn’t take a title or position to be a leader.
  • Be able to articulate ‘what can be.’ Others are good at just describing problems.
  • You must lead everyone, not just those that agree with you. Ensure everyone feels that they have been heard.
  • Lead courageously. Public Servants are more than ‘regulators’. Remind people of what public service really is.
    • Avoid the extremes. Don’t position issues in terms of their extremes, doing so eliminates room for collaboration and creativity.
    • Look for ways to connect issues. Use the word ‘and’ instead of ‘or’ to find creative ways of collaborating with others.
    • Style counts. We are all ambassadors for Public Service. It’s not just what you do, but how you do it. Only this will restore the glory of public service.

In addition to introducing the speaker, Lt. Governor Hobby also thanked Dr. Howard Balanoff, Director of the William P. Hobby Center for Public Service and Marilyn Balanoff for their seventeen years of dedication to the CPM program in Texas and public service around the world.

June 2012 Graduates include (by program location):

Texas State University Round Rock: Jeffrey S. Clausius, Francine D. Dabbs, Claire DeVaughan, Karen Fabac, Connie Farrington, Patti Gilmore, Amy Lynn McGlothlin, Steven J. Penshorn, Kathy Pierce , Karen L. Rivera, Matthew Austin Tarpley, Jessica L. Thames, Benjamin T. Uribe 

Texas State University San Marcos: Carlos A. Alfonsin, Jr., Brenda L. Dennis, Troy Gay, David Scott Wayman

Texas State University San Antonio: Gustavo Gomez, Rogelio Placencia

Texas State University Arlington: Alvin Bailey, Guy Brown, Stacy Buckley, Tony Cain, Darrell Cook, David O. Ellis, Kristin A Gilbert, Kirk McFarlin, Gary R. McHone, Catherine Huffman Morris, Daniel Presley, Lindsay Erin Wells

Sam Houston State University: Magda Alanis, Meijin Chen, Carla Anzziani Coleman, Gayle Cook

Stephen F. Austin State University: Michael K. Ahrens, Carolyn Caldwell, Rebecca Ann Daniel, Devyn Renee Jones , Kelly J. McDonald, Dannette Leanne Sales, Dan Travella

Texas Tech University: Deck Shaver

University of Texas at Brownsville: Donna E. Eymard, Lucia Garza, Maribel Guerra, Rosa Maria Hinojosa, Alexander D. Lorio, Ben Medina, Marisela Nava, Ivan Reyes, Arturo Rodriguez, Jorge F. Santillan, Norma Torres , Arvin R. Tucker

University of Texas at Pan American: Aaron G. Alonzo, Armando Campos, Eliamar Garza, Rudy Garza, Raul Garza, Carlos Gonzalez, P.E., Norberto Leal III, Gerardo Lopez, Marcos Lopez, Juan Montemayor, Steve Pena, Pablo Mario Rodriguez, Vince A. Romero, Rosa G Tello, Jaime Pena, Javier Zamora

Laura Huffman - Executive Director of The Nature Conservancy of Texas