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2014 Texas CPM Conference


Sponsored by
Texas State University's William P. Hobby Center fo Public Service

Nearly 150 Texas CPM alumni, faculty, and students gathered in Round Rock, Texas on Friday April 11, 2014, to learn, share and network at the Annual Texas Certified Public Manager (CPM) Conference.  The Conference, which was held at the Texas State University Avery Building, featured outstanding plenary speakers and breakout sessions on a variety of public administration and public policy topics, including the William P. Hobby Distinguished Lecture and the business meeting of the Texas Society of Certified Public Managers.

The Hobby Distinguished Lecture is always a highlight of the annual conference.  This year's plenary session was no exception, with the 2014 honoree Retired US Army General Montgomery Meigs who gave a presentation on leadership in the public and not for profit sectors.” General Meigs’ presentation engaged the audience in an interactive discussion about the importance of leadership skills to the establishment and maintenance of efficient and effective organizations.
During a 35-year career in the U.S. Army, General Meigs served as Commander, U.S. Army Europe (1998-2002). For the first year of that assignment, he also served as Commander of SFOR, NATO's peacekeeping force in Bosnia. In addition, he commanded the U.S. Army Combined Arms Center and was Commandant of the Army's Staff College (1997-1998). During his tour he revised the Staff College’s leadership curriculum and oversaw the writing of the Army’s leadership manual. He also led the 1st Infantry Division in its deployment enforcing the Dayton Treaty in Bosnia (1996-1997).  He commanded the Iron Brigade of the 1st Armored Division in Operation Desert Storm and at Medina Ridge.
Following his retirement in 2003, General Meigs has taught at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin, as the Tom Slick Visiting Professor of World Peace. He was later named the Louis A. Battle Chair of Business and Government Policy at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.
The opening plenary session was delivered by Mr. Harvey Kronberg, noted Texas political analyst and editor of the Quorum Report informed and entertained attendees with insights to current politics (including the recent primary elections in Texas). . As a self-proclaimed "equal opportunity offender of both Democrats and Republicans" Harvey’s observations are always candid, insightful and give us the opportunity to take a humorous look at ourselves, each other and Texas politics.

During the Texas Society of Certified Public Managers conducted its business meeting and discussed the impact of the merger of the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) and the American Academy of Certified Public Mangers (AACPM) on members of the Texas CPM Society.
In addition to the Texas CPM Society business meeting, morning and afternoon conference breakout sessions were informative, engaging and insightful. A listing of the breakout sessions, topics, speakers and their contact information is provided below.
1. “From Chaos to Collaboration: New Approaches to Engaging the Public In Productive and Proactive Ways."
Panel Chair & Presenter:
Larry Schooler, City of Austin Larry.Schooler@AustinTexas.Gov
Co Presenters:
John-Michael Cortez, Capital Metro
Alex Sanchez, Austin Independent School District
Bryce Bencivengo, CAMPO (Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization)
Diane Miller, Civic Collaboration (has worked on several City projects)
2. Local Government Forecasting: Lessons from the City of Georgetown, Texas
Panel Chair & Presenter:
Chris, Foster, Chief Financial Utilities Analyst, City of Georgetown, Texas,
Micki Rundell, Chief Financial Officer, City of Georgetown.
3.  Structure, Function, Operation and Decision Making at the Texas Sunset Commission
The Honorable Larry Gonzales, Legislator, Texas House of Representatives
Ken Levine, Director, Sunset Commission, Texas Legislature
4. Local Government Major Incident after Action Process: Lessons from the Halloween Flood, City of Austin, Texas Co-Presenter:  Otis J. Latin, Sr. Director, City of Austin Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management –
Co-Presenter:  Billy Atkins, Senior Plans Officer, City of Austin –
Co-Presenter:  Sean Shepard, Disaster Recovery Officer, City of Austin –
5. “Current Topics in Public Finance”
Dustin Traylor, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets, San Antonio TX
Bob Henderson, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets, San Antonio TX
6. Social Media in Public Sector Organizations
“Legal Impacts of Social Media on Public Sector Organizations”
Co- Presenter:
Alan Bojorquez, Principal, The Bojorquez Law Firm, Austin Texas. – Invited
“Social Media Platforms and Implementation”
Sherri Greenberg, Senior Lecturer, UT’s LBJ School of Public Affairs
7. “Structure, Function, Operation and Decision Making at the Texas Legislative Budget Board (LBB)”. (Room 256)
The Honorable John C. Otto, Legislator, Texas House of Representatives
Ms. Ursula Parks, Director, Legislative Budget Board (LBB), Texas Legislature
For additional information about the 2014 Texas CPM Conference and/or the Texas CPM Program, please go to or contact Dr. Howard Balanoff, Professor & Chair of Texas State University’s William P. Hobby Center for Public Service at or 512/245-3453.
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General Monty Miegs

Harvey Kronberg

Panel Session #1 Chaired by Larry Schooler