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COVID-19 Vaccines

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Getting Tested

COVID-19 testing is critical in our efforts to keep our campuses healthy and safe. COVID-19 testing for students, faculty and staff consists of three components: testing people with symptoms, testing people with NO symptoms, and testing people who have been exposed or are close contacts. There are several testing locations, both on and nearby Texas State campuses.

Bobcat Trace

If you receive a positive COVID-19 test result, report it to Bobcat Trace as soon as possible. You will receive guidance on isolation protocols, and the contact tracing team will begin to identify and notify close contacts.

The Texas State University numbers include positive COVID-19 test results for students, faculty, and staff who tested at the Student Health Center, and who reported positive results after being tested at other sites.

Results received from other sites will be added to the graph based on the test date. On occasion, persons reporting their results from other sites do not report their test results immediately to Bobcat Trace. As such, case counts are subject to change when these results are incorporated.

Some students, faculty or staff who tested positive for COVID-19 at other sites may not have reported the results to the Student Health Center.

The Hays and Williamson County graphs show positive cases reported in those counties. The Texas State San Marcos Campus is located in Hays County and the Round Rock Campus is in Williamson County.