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Live-online Program FAQs

Live-online Certificate in Financial Planning Program FAQs

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  • This program has the highest quality faculty, curriculum and delivery system in the country.  Students that complete this program are well positioned to successfully pass the CFP® Certification Examination and practice financial planning.  In addition, this program is accelerated and allows students to complete the education requirements in nine months. 

  • Classes generally meet two nights per week, for two hours each class.  We usually take one week off between each course.  The entire program is completed in nine months. 

  • Students are issued a pass/fail based upon a weighted average of exams given during each course.  Students must achieve a grade of 70% or higher to pass each course.  If a student fails to achieve a 70% for a course, the student must repeat that course. 

  • The enrollment fee for our Basic package starts at $5650.00, which includes access to our Learning Library, and textbooks are an additional $500-600 for the program. 

  • Generally, two exams are given for each course.  Students will take an online mid-term and final exam for each course.  The mid-term is 40% of the final grade and the final exam is worth 60%.  Students must achieve a 70% for each course in order to receive a passing grade.

  • At the minimum, students should have speakers connected to their computer so they can hear the instructor.  Ideally, students shyould purchase a headset or microphone, so they can ask questions of the instructor and use the voice-over IP technology.  A good quality headset or microphone can cost about $20-50.00.  Minimum requirements include Internet Explorer 6.x or Safari 10.4.x, Windows 2000 (SP4) or XP (SP1) or MacIntosh OS X 10.5 Leopard. 

  • If within the first five (5) class days in the program you are not completely satisfied, please contact us for a refund.