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Stay Motivated in Summer School

July 14, 2020

Student studying at a table with an open laptop.

By Tori Glass, Karissa Hernandez, Harper Lucas and Abigail Rivera
Students in Advanced Social Media and Analytics

Summer school motivation can be challenging at times because summer is usually for soaking in the sun, relaxing, and having fun with your friends. That has all changed this year with the pandemic — so why not use this as an opportunity to put new priorities in place for your school work? Here are five ways you can maintain motivation in summer school.

Stay Organized

Summer classes go by so fast, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Staying organized and balanced with other obligations can be a lifesaver when trying to ace a summer class. Always make sure to leave time to finish your assignments before making other plans. That way you can have stress-free fun while maintaining good, academic standing. 

Remember It’s Temporary 

Summer classes are super compact and more of a sprint than a marathon. It’s important to remember that this class will be over before you know it. Classes are meant to be challenging. It’s better to give your all right now than to regret not giving enough effort as the class is ending.

Keep a Routine 

Keeping a routine will ensure you stay on track and stay focused. Routines help avoid distractions — whatever they may be for you, personally. Having a routine will save you lots of time while you efficiently tackle tasks. Settling into a routine that works for you will help achieve a smooth summer semester. 

Take Time to Relax

Relaxing is nearly as important as completing tasks. Your body needs time to recover from stress in order to work at maximum efficiency. Take some time to go outside, or watch a movie on Netflix or Hulu. Do whatever is necessary to relax.

Set Small Goals

It can often be daunting to look at the entirety of a class or assignment. Setting small goals will help you manage your time and accomplish the big goal you’re trying to achieve. Every time you reach a goal, reward yourself. This will pull you along and make achieving your goal more fun. ✯

Tori Glass, Karissa Hernandez, Harper Lucas and Abigail Rivera are undergraduate students who developed content for the Common Experience as part of Prof. Dale Blasingame's MC 4326 course — Advanced Social Media and Analytics — during the summer I semester of 2020.