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Texas State University
Texas State University

Focus: Chelsea Thompson

July 8, 2020

Chelsea Thompson in the CBS-Austin News TV studio

By Chelsea Thompson
Multimedia Journalist, CBS-Austin News & Telemundo

My First-Year Experience

When I arrived at Texas State University in 2012, I was handed a book and told I would have to read it because it would be the topic of conversation in our US1100 class. The book was titled Where Am I Wearing? A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People that Make Our Clothes.

As a first-year student who admittedly breezed through high school and graduated top of my class, I was not thrilled (at first) to dive into this book because the title alone made me uncomfortable — not that I was ever set in my ways, for lack of better phrases, but the title alone seemed long and unrelated to my American privilege. I am a daughter of immigrants and a first-generationcollege student, and the title made me feel like I was taking steps back, not forward.

Little did I know, this book would shape and set the foundation for what would be an incredibly memorable year.

Chelsea Thompson

Chelsea Thompson

CBS-Austin News & Telemundo
Co-Host, “We Are Austin”

Miss Capital of Texas 2019

Texas State Highlights:

– Class of 2016, Journalism and Mass Communication
– Minor in Spanish
– Track Team + Cross Country Team, 2012-2016
– KTSW Radio Morning Anchor, 2012-2016
– Student Foundation, 2013-2016

What College Is About

At just 18, we were having mature conversations. We were dissecting globalization and what it meant to work in factories. About family and sacrifice — I remember leaving that class each day feeling whole. I remember thinking to myself, “So this is what college is about."

As the years went on, I also had the opportunity to read Just Mercy — another incredibly, relevant and timely book!

I have so many fond memories of the Common Experience. But overall, I enjoyed the camaraderie and the conversation that it promoted. Texas State University is such a diverse campus — full of opportunity and positive challenge. But only if you’re willing to take it. In my opinion, it starts with a few close friends, a good book and an awesome conversation. 

Although it’s called the “common” experience — it's truly one of a kind. And unique in many ways. I like to brag on my alma mater for many reasons but mostly for its acceptance and diversity.

Favorite Speaker

Robert Rodriguez

Because the theme and its events change yearly, it’s always exciting to see what journey each class will embark on.

My favorite speaker (and I think I’m biased because I love all things film and writing) was filmmaker Robert Rodriguez. This Texas native spoke with confidence and inspired me to think outside the box.

Robert Rodriguez onstage showing the "Heart of Texas" hand sign
Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez delivered the LBJ Distinguished Lecture to a capacity crowd at Texas State's Evans Auditorium on Sept. 16, 2015.

Always Seek a Challenge

My favorite quote by Robert Rodriguez, something that stuck with me, is this: “The challenge is what was making it exciting.” He explained his love for film and moving-making by saying, “You don’t want anything too easy or you know that you can pull off. Otherwise it’s not worth doing.”

I learned very early on in college — my freshman year — to always seek a challenge and to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

I am so thankful for the Common Experience and my time spent at the best university in Texas. ✯

Chelsea Thompson

Chelsea Thompson is a multimedia journalist at CBS-Austin News and Telemundo. She is host of the lifestyle show "We Are Austin," and she was Miss Capital of Texas 2019. A 2016 graduate of Texas State University, she was a Bobcat athlete on the NCAA track and cross-country teams, a member of the Student Foundation overseeing Veterans Day ceremonies, and she served as morning anchor on KTSW 89.9 radio.