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Stay Organized for Summer

June 29, 2020

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By Jennifer Martinez, Kyle Brennan, Matthew Fercher and Dane Gancas
Students in Advanced Social Media and Analytics

We’re already halfway through summer, somehow, and summer II classes are about to start up for many Bobcats at Texas State. The fast-paced nature of five-week courses is challenging enough, but this year students are also navigating class during a pandemic. Here are five tips to help you stay organized during summer 2020.

1. Plan Ahead

On the first day of class, review the syllabus so you can write down important deadlines and test dates in your calendar. You want to avoid surprise due dates. Every Bobcat has access to Outlook and can take advantage of the mobile calendar feature with virtual reminders. Canvas also has a helpful calendar functionality, if your professor has made the switch from TRACS.

2. Create a Routine

Establish a schedule of when to study, complete readings or do homework. With summer I classes being exclusively online, it was important to hold yourself accountable for keeping up with classwork outside of the classroom. Now you need a new routine to prevent falling behind on assignments during online and in-person class meetings.

3. Time Management

With the time you have set aside dedicated to working on school, it is important to manage it wisely. Prioritize assignments, and set goals based on deadline urgency and realistic expectations of yourself. Do not burn yourself out trying to get everything done at once.

4. Dedicate a Workspace

With social distancing in effect, it can be difficult to study at the usual spots like coffee shops and libraries. The safest option is to study at home, but that can be a challenge in its own sense. Create a space in your home free of video games and Netflix distractions. If studying from home is not an option, Alkek Library is open with limited hours and enforced social distancing.

5. Check Email Often

Professors will frequently send important email updates to the class since various assignments are due every week during condensed summer courses. Make sure to read them! Email communication from your professor is always important — but it’s especially integral to organizational success during summer classes. ✯

Jennifer Martinez, Kyle Brennan, Matthew Fercher, and Dane Gancas are undergraduate students in Prof. Dale Blasingame's MC 4326 course — Advanced Social Media and Analytics — during the summer I semester of 2020.