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September 1 - May 31
At-Risk for Students: Helping a Friend in Distress
Online Training

Have you ever had a friend that was struggling? Have you ever wanted to talk to a friend dealing with a problem, but weren’t sure how? Most college students say they would turn to their friends for support during times of stress, overwhelming anxiety or depression.

The Texas State Counseling Center has made a 30-minute, interactive, online course available to students to provide training on how to approach and discuss concerns with a peer who is in distress, and if necessary, refer them to campus support services. In the course, you will engage in simulated conversations with student avatars who are fully animated and emotionally responsive, making this a highly realistic role-play game experience. The course can be completed over multiple sittings, as it saves your progress along the way. Click the link below and use the enrollment key to take the training.

For Training Visit:  (Enrollment Key is txstate)

For more information visit: or contact Blanca Sanchez-Navarro at 512.245.2208

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