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What Students Are Saying

Responses to No Impact Man and letters to its author, Colin Beavan

Hi Colin,
I just finished reading the book earlier today and just now I finished watching the documentary on netflix and I wanted to let you know it's made an impact on me.  I'm 18 and will be a freshman at Texas State this fall. I'm excited about the noimpactweek. I've always been a recycler and I try to consume less but I've always questioned my small influence. The book and the documentary have taught me that it's about trying. I aim to do a lot more that I never thought about until reading the book. I just wanted to say thanks.
—Adrien Waterman


Hey Colin,
I'm gonna be an incoming freshman to Texas State University this fall of 2010, and one thing that the university requires for all students during the summer before the school year begins in the fall, is to give a mandatory reading assignment during summer. Yes, that means summer reading project, what most students usually anticipate to be a bedtime story of a long gone, classical, historical novel, but the university directors take in all of the headaches that all of the student's parents might have to endure and chose to really choose subjects that will have a big impact on us, books on subjects that students might actually look forward to reading in their spare time. And let me tell you, I think the directors at the university really hit it spot on this time. Okay, so the name of the reading project and it's purpose is a "Common Experience" kind of project. Every student on campus has read the book over summer, right, so when students come back in the fall, everyone on campus hasn't one excuse to have nothing to talk about or have nothing in common. The Common Experience is studied in a majority of the [University Seminar] classes and is made to unite the campus and provide the perfect enviroment to learn about and share comments, insights, and opinions from the book. And getting down to the big and juicy part of it and the whole jist of the email was to let you know that the Common Experience summer reading book for the academic year of 2010-2011 is your book, "No Impact Man." I just finished watching the documentary and can't wait to start reading it. Any way, i think what you did, have done, and are doing is incredible. To me, you are a very important public figure, you have done what the world seems so afraid to do, you followed your heart, you set a goal and accomplished it. I admire your tenacity and willingness to make a change in this world when it seems that so many people are trying to knock you down. You truly are an inspiration to me.
—Veronica De La Rosa