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Common Experience 2010-2011

2010-2011 Common Experience

Sustainability: Science, Policy, and Opportunity

The Common Experience is a yearlong initiative of Texas State University designed to cultivate a common intellectual conversation across the campus, to enhance student participation in the intellectual life of the campus, and to foster a sense of community across our entire campus and extended community.

The Common Experience theme for 2010-2011 is "Sustainability: Science, Policy, and Opportunity," an interdisciplinary theme that affects all students, staff, faculty, and administrators of Texas State, as well as the San Marcos community. Because of the integrative nature of the problems that humanity faces, the only way in which these problems can be realistically addressed is through interdisciplinary dialogue, outreach, and education. The capacity of humanity to adapt in a dynamic world that is constantly presenting new challenges is essential in the 21st century.

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