Mission of the Common Experience at Texas State

click for large viewclick for larger view "What I have learned from encounters of the subject of hatred is that hate is like cancer. It grows. If unchecked, it will move from cell to cell, from limb to limb, from person to person, from community to community; at the end, hate destroys not only its target but also its carrier...

Can it be cured by love? Let us say it may more readily be prevented by education."

-Elie Wiesel, Concentration Camp Survivor & Nobel Peace Laureate

As the words of Elie Wiesel so poignantly suggest, stemming the tide of hatred may be one of the most daunting challenges facing us today. "Explorations on Night and the Challenge of Hatred-A Common Experience" is a year-long initiative of Texas State University-San Marcos designed to cultivate a "common intellectual conversation" across the campus, to enhance student participation in the intellectual life of the campus, and to foster a sense of community across our entire campus and extended community. By examining the deep roots of hatred, we may expose the manner in which hate-based actions can be couched in the name of good-while inflicting harm. Through honest dialogue, we may become more aware of the role that hatred plays in our lives, our community, our world and our collective history.

students reading NightBut an awareness of hatred is more than just a matter of exposure and acknowledgement. To be of value, a dialogue with potential for change must be a life transforming experience. It needs to promote an understanding of what each individual can do to counter the tide of hate, as much as it exposes each individual to the reality of his or her own potentially hateful attitudes. The Common Experience has been designed with this transformative element in mind.

Details regarding all components of the Common Experience are accessible by way of this website, so please explore for additional information, and, most of all: Welcome to the Common Experience.


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