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Policies for Events


For any event, performance, project, or exhibition to qualify as part of the Common Experience at Texas State University, it must meet all of the requirements listed below. Approved events will be included on the Common Experience calendar and the University Events Calendar. The Common Experience will provide marketing and promotion for events in collaboration with event organizers.

Anyone planning a potential Common Experience event should contact the director in advance to ensure suitability and to avoid scheduling conflicts with other events.


The Common Experience is Texas State's annual academic theme with related events and initiatives. Thus, qualifying Common Experience events must relate directly to the year's theme.

Exceptions are made only for events that are part of annual or ongoing partnerships with the Common Experience. Examples include Bobcat Build and the Annual Great Texas River Cleanup.


All events to be considered for the Common Experience at Texas State must be submitted through the Common Experience calendar submission process. Exceptions will be made only for events presented by the Common Experience itself.

Submission Timing

Please submit at least two weeks (14 days) prior to an event to allow time for review, posting and promotion. The absolute deadline for submitting events for consideration is 10 days before the proposed start date.

Approval Is Required

Events must be approved by the Common Experience to be labeled as Common Experience events. 

Organizers of approved events will be notified of the approval by email, phone, and/or in person.

Any event lacking clear achievement of the requirements will be referred to the Common Experience director, who may then forward it to a committee for further review and consideration.

Events that are submitted but not approved will be declined or sent back for revision / re-submission. The Common Experience may decline a submitted event without a response if the event is deemed inappropriate.

Crediting Common Experience on Approved Events

Printed materials for approved events must display a current Common Experience logo (available from the director). Printed materials must also meet all university requirements for branding, including logo usage, statements, inclusions, and style. Web and other media must include text or audio stating that the event is part of the Common Experience at Texas State University.


All Common Experience events must have a campus sponsor. There are no exceptions.

Qualifying campus sponsors include university divisions, colleges, departments, centers, offices, programs, initiatives, and approved student organizations.

Multiple campus sponsors may partner to present a Common Experience event. Campus sponsors may also partner with off-campus businesses and organizations (with advance approval of the Common Experience).

Speaker Policies

Speakers appearing as participants in official Common Experience events must adhere to the policies established in Texas State University's Policy and Procedures Statements. Also see the sections of this page on approval and sponsorship.

Speaker Criteria

Common Experience Insight Series

Insight Series events are sponsored directly by the Common Experience. Anyone at Texas State may propose a speaker by contacting the director of the Common Experience. Potential speakers are reviewed and vetted by the Common Experience staff, and selections are made by staff and the co-chairs of the theme. The selection process considers the following criteria:

  • speakers with expertise in a subject relevant to the Common Experience theme
  • regional, national, or international recognition
  • appeal to students
  • likelihood of attracting a sizable audience appropriate to venue
  • contribution to the university's intellectual climate
  • enhancement of the university's credibility
  • likelihood of encouraging community involvement 
  • speakers representing a wide range of backgrounds and interests, including culture, language, fine arts, liberal arts, science, social science, medicine, technology, business, or media

LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series

Speakers in the Lyndon B. Johnson Distinguished Lecture Series must meet criteria similar to those listed above, as well as additional requirements specific to the prominence of the series. Potential speakers are nominated and ranked via the Common Experience Committee and theme co-chairs in multiple rounds of reviews. A separate LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series Committee selects the top candidates for final consideration by the university's upper administration. The forthcoming LBJ Distinguished Lecture Series website will provide more details, and a link will appear here once that website has been published.

Speakers Sponsored by Others

All Common Experience-related speakers sponsored by other areas of the university must address the current Common Experience theme or have demonstrated expertise in a subject relevant to the Common Experience theme. Speakers must also meet any requirements established by the sponsoring divisions, colleges, departments, centers, offices, programs, initiatives, or approved student organizations.


Materials and images used to promote events must meet all copyright requirements. For questions concerning copyrights and permissions, contact the director of the Common Experience.


The Common Experience reserves the right to edit event submissions to address issues of style, length, clarity, grammar, punctuation, spelling, or erroneous or incomplete information. Edits may also be made to improve readability or accessibility for the audience.

Accessibility and Accommodations

Promotional materials for approved events must be accessible and must include accommodation statements, and arrangements must be made at the event for anyone with a disability requiring accommodations to participate.

Off-Campus Events

Off-campus events may require additional documentation for travel, liability, or safety. Explicit approval is required for off-campus Common Experience events.