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Where to Get the Book

First-Year Students

Free Access to eBook

We provided incoming first-year students with free access to the digital eBook before classes started — we sent each new student an email with a unique access code on Sunday, August 23. Instructions are included. Those messages went to each student's Texas State email address, also known as BobcatMail ( Students can access the eBook on multiple devices.

First-year students who did not receive an access code should contact their University Seminar (US 1100) faculty member.

Faculty and Staff

Faculty members teaching University Seminar (US 1100) receive free access to the digital eBook version of the Common Reading book. A limited number of paperback copies are available for special circumstances. Administrators may request eBook access for other faculty and staff by contacting the Common Reading coordinator at 512.245.3579 or

Everyone Else

The Common Reading book is available for purchase as a paperback or eBook from most online booksellers.


For 2020-2021, the Common Reading will be delivered as an eBook with digital access on multiple devices for each student. If you require a paperback copy or an alternate format (such as audiobook) due to a disability or other circumstances, please contact the Common Reading coordinator at 512.245.3579 or