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Commencement Team

The Commencement Team was formed in 2008 and consists of nearly 40 commencement "stakeholders" from the campus community. In the meetings held three times a year, the team shares comments on past ceremonies and offers suggestions for the future. From the main meetings, subgroups are formed to resolve specific issues. The brainstroming that occured during these meetings have been responsible for many improvements to the ceremonies in the past several years.

Mission Statement

To engage the University community in the planning, implementation, and continuous improvement of our commencement ceremonies with a goal of providing a positive experience for our candidates and their guests.

Upcoming Meetings


Commencement Team Subgroups

In addition to the Team, four subgroups were formed to address specific issues brought up by the team and the university community.

Communication Subgroup
Reviews the commencement website, candidate instructions, guest guide, maps, commencement program, signage and any other communication tool.

Transportation Subgroup
Made up of primarily police and auxiliary services team members, this group maps bus routes and discusses parking and traffic issues.

Emergency/Safety Subgroup
This group discusses incidents from the previous semester and takes actions to prevent further issues. They also coordinate an annual Commencement Safety Workshop.

Survey Subgroup
This group designs and implements a semesterly commencement survey. The group also meets to analyze the survey results and make improvements to future ceremonies based on comments received.

To become a member of a subgroup, email for more information.

If you encounter documents that are password protected, please contact for more information.