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January 2019


Chúc mừng năm mới !!

I'm betting you can guess what I just wished you in Vietnamese, so I won't bother translating.

We're in the middle of a cold snap and temperatures are hovering around eleven degrees Celsius (51.8 degrees Fahrenheit). While this may not be what you are experiencing where you live, in Hà Nội, Việt Nam, this is considered to be cold, especially when you factor in the following: 60+ percent humidity and a gentle breeze. Oh, btw, houses are build using concrete, there is no weather stripping on the doors or window, no storm doors or windows, and no central heating. My house is a balmy 51.8 degrees Fahrenheit 24/7.  Brrr. I have do have one wall-mounted air conditioning/heat unit in my bedroom (up on the second floor) so at night, a warm blanket and the heat set at its maximum (22 C/72 F keeps me comfortable. During the daytime, layers of clothing and slippers are the current fashion in my house.

I will be loading a bunch of pictures to the blog this month, so look for them under the photos link below.


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