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Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate courses at the CLAS Department are open to all students, regardless of major.

COUN 3320 - Introduction to Counseling & Psychotherapy:
This course is designed for upper-division undergraduates who are considering entering a helping profession or who wish to know more about counseling before entering into graduate study. The course will offer a broad overview of counseling, counseling theories, and interpersonal communication skills that will facilitate a counseling relationship. This class will leave students with a greater knowledge of the field of counseling and psychotherapy, a greater understanding of the counseling professional, greater self-awareness, and improved listening and communication skills. A combination of lectures, discussions, films, presentations, and experiential exercises will be employed to reach these goals.

SAHE 4178 Student Leadership:
This course provides students with knowledge to strengthen the campus experience through holding student leadership roles. Students will learn skills, principles, and characteristics necessary for responsible and positive leadership as well as the role of student leadership and student engagement in higher education. Repeatable for credit with different emphasis.