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Site-Based Internship

Prior to enrolling in a Site-based Internship (COUN 5389) section, prospective interns are required to apply to be admitted into Internship. Applications are tailored to the courses offered each semester, and students rank order preferences of each section. Along with this choice, students are also to provide documentation of their clinical evaluations from previous classes, amount of degree completion through a degree audit, and a personal statement regarding their clinical skill development.

Students are not able to register for this course without first being assigned to a section by the Practicum/Internship Coordinator (Dr. Tracy Chiles), and permitted into the course by the Program Administrative Assistant. Students are notified when these steps have been completed and when they are able to register for their assigned course section.

NOTE: These applications are also used to determine how many sections of Internship will be needed for each semester. If adjustments to sections are needed (e.g., sections needing to be added or deleted), students may be asked to re-rank section selections based on adjusted sections. Dr. Calley will notify all applicants if this happens.

♦ Summer 2019 Internship Application ♦

♦ Fall 2019 Internship Application ♦

Tues 2/19/19 - Thurs 2/28/19

Tues 2/19/19 - Thurs 2/28/19

>> CLOSED <<

>> CLOSED <<


Time limited applications

♦ Tuesday February 19, 2019 to Thursday February 28, 2019 ♦


Apply online


PLEASE NOTE: You will be completing 2 applications during this cycle if a situation below applies to you...

* If you are applying for Clinical Practicum for Summer 2019, YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO COMPLETE AND SUBMIT an application for Internship for Fall 2019 during this same application period.
* If you are applying for your first Internship semester for Summer 2019, YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO COMPLETE AND SUBMIT an application for your second Internship semester for Fall 2019 during this same application period.
*If you are applying for your first Internship semester for Fall
2019, you will not need to apply for anything else but Internship at this time. The application cycle for Spring 2020 Internship will be available in October of 2019.


!! Failure to submit an application during the application window may result in your being placed on a wait list.  Section assignment for Summer 2019 and Fall 2019 CANNOT be assured for those placed on the wait list.


Apply Online Red

⇒ Start searching for internship sites as early as possible. Some internship sites require applications and interviews up to a year (2 semesters) before the semester you will be starting Internship. All site supervisors must be approved prior to the start of the upcoming internship semester. Students cannot start an Internship semester without a secured site and completed Internship agreement approved by the Practicum/Internship Coordinator.

The Guidelines for Internship document is below, and contains a letter of introduction from the Internship Coordinator, a Memorandum of Agreement, Proposed Internship Activity Plan, and Supervisor Disclosure Statement outline. The Guidelines for Internship document should be reviewed by you and also shared with your Site supervisor before you complete the required Internship paperwork.

Checklist below

Site Supervisor Resources

This capstone experience helps students to bring together academic understanding of counseling and the practice of counseling, while under supervision.  Clinicians practicing in community and school settings have volunteered their time to serve as site-based supervisors for graduate-level interns. Resources are provided on this page for site-based supervisors.

Guidelines for Internship Manual

A single document including all materials is available here:

Individual Internship Forms

For any additional questions, please contact the Practicum/Internship Coordinator for the Professional Counseling Program: 

Dr. Tracy Calley via email at or at 512-245-5865.


Internship Agreement Forms

⇒Scanned copies of Internship documents must be submitted prior to the semester starting (or continuing) an Internship experience. Dr. Tracy Calley will email interns with due dates each semester for these documents. The first day of class, the student intern will need to provide original copies of all documents to their assigned University Supervisor for COUN 5389.