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Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) Application

Student Information

Degree Track/Emphasis *
Do you require any accommodations for testing? *
If you do not yet have your letter, leave this blank and e-mail it to the TXST CPCE coordinator ASAP
Test Format *
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CPCE Attempt: *

If this is your SECOND or THIRD attempt – you must attach a copy of your study plan developed with your faculty advisor for this CPCE application to be considered.

You can find this number (begins with CP) on your test results or by logging into your CCE account

Course Content Areas

The CPCE covers the Content Areas listed on the CPCE web page. The CPCE should be taken as soon as the following courses are completed and prior to applying for Clinical Practicum. It is strongly recommended, but not required, that you complete all coursework in the CPCE Content Areas before taking the exam.


COUN 5368 - Developmental Issues *
COUN 5301 - Professional Counseling Orientation (prev called Community-based Counseling)(NA for School) *
COUN 5328 - Intro to School Counseling (N/A for CMHC and MCFC) *
COUN 5316 - Counseling Diverse Populations *
COUN 5307 - Theories of Counseling and Personality *
COUN 5354 - Basic Techniques in Counseling *
COUN 5358 - Dynamics and Processes in Group Counseling *
COUN 5355 - Career Counseling *
COUN 5305 - Assessment in Counseling *
COUN 5391 - Research Seminar *
COUN 5350 - Advanced Counselor Ethics (prev called Professional Orientation and Ethics) *