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Statement of Purpose

Please provide a typed, double-spaced statement in essay form that addresses the following (750 words maximum):

  1. Your professional goals and the reason you are pursuing education and training in Professional Counseling, rather than in another mental health discipline (such as psychology, social work, or counseling psychology);
  2. The reason you chose your specified emphasis [i.e., a) Clinical Mental Health Counseling; b) Marriage, Couple, and Family Counseling; c) School Counseling];
  3. Your major strengths and weaknesses with respect to being admitted into this program.
  4. Your perspective on diversity including: a) how you would contribute to and benefit from the richness of our Professional Counseling Program, and b) how you would increase inclusion of diversity in the counseling profession.

Your Statement of Purpose will be evaluated for content, style, and quality. While you may seek consultation and editing suggestions, this statement must be representative of your current level and style of writing and representative of what could be expected from you if accepted into the Program.

NOTE: You must sign and date your Statement of Purpose.