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Instructional Leadership Cohorts

While the MA in Instructional Leadership is open to all students, over the past two years Texas State has partnered with local districts to create instructional leadership cohorts. This program concentrates on the teacher as leader, within the classroom, school, and district. There is also an explicit focus on developing teacher leaders who understand cultural responsiveness and equity-oriented practices for the diverse classrooms of Texas. Often the cognate classes are designed with district and university collaboration.

Benefits to Participants

  • Course delivery will be tailored to the needs of teachers within the specific district.
  • Program emphasizes connections to the local context and opportunities to apply new understandings and assignments within the district.
  • Opportunity to develop professional relationships and connections to a cohort of other teachers from the district.

Benefits to District

  • Courses, syllabi, projects, and assignments will be tailored and developed collaboratively to reflect the district needs and goals.
  • Program will facilitate the development of a cohort of teacher leaders within the district.
  • Potential for cohort members to use knowledge from courses as well as projects and assignments for district professional development opportunities.
  • The district will have the opportunity to collaborate with Texas State University in the selection of the teacher leadership cohort.