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TExES Principal Mock Exam Testing Regulations

Texas State University mock exam organizers will try to replicate the testing environment that you can expect during an actual TExES exam. Given that this is not a professional testing center, and that this is a mock exam, we have made some minor adjustments to the typical testing regulations. To facilitate your testing experience, please read the following carefully.

What time should I arrive at the Testing center?
You must arrive at the testing center 30 minutes before your scheduled examination start time.

What if I arrive late or fail to appear for my examination?
Exam proctors may deny access to latecomers, including individuals who do not arrive at the testing center 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Refunds are not available.

What if I need to reschedule my examination?
Examination appointments may be rescheduled by the Monday prior to the schedule exam date. Rescheduling requests are dependent on future exam seat availability. Please contact for any rescheduling requests.

Where do I park?
Examinees will include both Texas State University students and visitors. To determine the best parking options for you, visit . Review this site for parking locations, regulations for permit holds, tram options, and pay-to-park garage options. If you are a student at Texas State University, you may park at the LBJ pay-to-park or in a designated student lot. Carpooling is recommended as it save time, money, and the environment.

What can I expect when I arrive at the Testing Center to take my examination?
Upon arriving at the testing center:

  • You will need to show a valid photo ID confirming your identity. The exam proctor may, or may not, know you. Because a payment was made for each test taker, you will be required to show ID to take the mock exam.
  • You will be provided with scratch paper and pencils.
  • You will be asked to sign your name and mark the time in the test center roster just prior to entering the testing room.

Upon completion of the registration process, you will be escorted to a computer workstation in the testing room. The only items you will be permitted to bring into the testing room include:

  • Your photo ID
  • Soft earplugs
  • Center-supplied tissues
  • Center-supplied scratch paper and pencils

What photo ID will I need?
One form of acceptable identification is required for admission to the testing center. The identification must be current and include a recent photograph and signature. If the photo identification is not signed, a second form of identification with a signature must also be presented. Those who do not present acceptable identification will not be permitted to take the examination.

PLEASE NOTE: Falsifying information required for admission to the examination or impersonating another examinee is strictly prohibited.

Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • A valid (not expired) government-issued driver's license with your photograph and signature (Candidates who do not drive may have an identification card issued by the agency that also issues driver's licenses.)
  • A valid (not expired) government-issued identification card with your photograph and signature
  • A valid (not expired) government-issued passport with your photograph and signature
  • A valid (not expired) United States military identification card with your photograph and signature
  • A valid (not expired) hospital identification card with your photograph and signature

Unacceptable forms of identification include:

  • A Social Security card
  • A United States permanent residence card (green card)
  • A credit, debit, or ATM card

What items are prohibited in the testing room?

  • Calculators
  • Watches (remaining test time will be provided on your examination screen)
  • Recording devices
  • Photographic equipment
  • Study material
  • Cellular telephones
  • PDAs (personal digital assistants) or smartphones
  • Purses (ok for mock exam)
  • Wallets (ok for mock exam)
  • Pagers
  • Hats and other head coverings, except those for religious purposes
  • Coats
  • Bags (eg, plastic, paper)
  • Tissues not provided by the test center
  • Pens and pencils
  • Beverages, except water for the mock exam
  • Food
  • Medicine or cough drops
  • Tobacco products
  • Any other product determined by the TCA to be a disturbance to other testers or a threat to the security of the examination

What is the schedule for examination day?
Examinees will have 4 hours to complete 100 multiple choice questions. This exam will not be broken into different sections. Therefore, examinees are recommended to take a 10-15 minute break after every 30-35 questions; this equates to around 2 minutes per question.

The real TExES exam is 115 questions over 5 hours. The extra 15 questions are experimental test questions and do not count toward your score. These are not known to the examinee at the time. The mock email will not contain experimental items. The examination is divided into examination sections containing multiple-choice questions.

What if I need assistance during the examination?
If you need assistance at any time during your examination, raise your hand to alert the proctor. Examples of instances where a tester requires assistance include:

  • Hardware or software problems or distractions that affect your ability to take the examination. If an error message is displayed on the computer screen, DO NOT clear the message.
  • Need for an additional scratch paper or pencil
  • Need for assistance for any reason

What happens if there are technical difficulties with my examination?
On rare occasions, candidates may encounter technical difficulties. If you experience a technical difficulty, notify the proctor immediately.

Am I permitted to take a break during the examination?
Yes, breaks are permitted. If you need to take a break during the timed portion of your examination, you may take an unscheduled break. The examination timer will continue to count down during unscheduled breaks. No additional time will be provided to complete your examination.

What do I need to know about leaving the testing room?
Upon leaving or returning to the testing room for a break:

  • Your photo ID must be presented to test center staff and the test center roster must be signed, and the time marked, each time you enter and exit the testing room.
  • The use of phones and other electronic devices during unscheduled breaks is strictly prohibited.
  • You are not permitted to access any study material or discuss the examination when taking breaks during an active examination session. This includes access through any verbal communication, electronic means (eg, cell phones, smart phones, internet), or written material. In fact, use of any electronic devices while the examination session is active is prohibited.
  • You are not permitted to leave the immediate vicinity of the testing center or rest rooms while an examination session is in progress. Restrooms are adjacent to the testing room.
  • Repeated or lengthy departures from the testing room for unscheduled breaks are not permissible.

What other rules and regulations should I know about?

  • Unauthorized possession, reproduction, recording, discussion, reconstruction of content from memory, or disclosure of any materials, including, but not limited to, examination questions before, during, or after an examination or other certification activities is a violation of the honor code and federal copyright laws. Failure to comply may result in the invalidation of examination results and exclusion from future examinations.
  • Any jewelry or clothing such as sweaters or other light outer wear worn into the testing room must be worn at all times or hung on examinee’s chair.
  • You must conduct yourself in a courteous manner at all times when on the premises of the testing center.
  • To protect the privacy of all testers, test center staff can neither confirm nor deny the presence of any particular individual at the test center.
  • Persons not scheduled to take the test may wait in a separate area of the testing center. Please make arrangements for any dependents on test day.
  • Weapons of any kind are prohibited.
  • All materials issued to you by testing center staff must be returned at the conclusion of your examination.

What happens at the end of the examination?
You should log off of the examination software and check out with the proctor.

Whom do I contact with questions about Examination Day?
If you have any questions regarding your examination day, contact