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Robert F Reardon, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Adult Education at Texas State University

Dr. Reardon’s research interests include informal learning among skilled workers in chemical manufacturing and petrochemicals, STEM education in K-16, and the relationships among dimensions of spirituality and leadership. He has a strong background in quantitative research methods, particularly survey research, factor analysis, multivariate regression and path analysis.
Current studies include a comparison of learning among skilled refinery operators against current theoretical frameworks of adult learning and an ongoing investigation with peers of the concept of grace as construct in interpersonal relationships.


 Education Background

  • Ph.D, 2004, Adult Education, University of Georgia-Georgia
  • M.S., 1981, North Carolina State University-NC
  • B.S., 1977, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-NC


Robert F Reardon

Associate Professor
Adult Education 

Phone: 512-245-3755

Office Hours: By appointment