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National Adult Education Links

AHRD is comprised of academic professionals and reflective practitioners who wish to further systematic study of human resource development theory, process, and practice. Other goals of AHRD are to disseminate information about human resource development, to promote the application of research findings, and to create opportunities for communication among individuals from across the globe and across disciplines who are interested in human resource development. AHRD is responsible for the following publications: Advances in Developing Human Resources, Human Resource Development Quarterly, and Human Resource Development International.
  • Adult Education Network (AEDNET)
AEDNET is an international listserv where adult educators from all areas of practice come together to exchange information. This site is also the distribution point for the electronic journal New Horizons in Adult Education.
This is the homepage for the Adult Education Research Conference. This is a general research conference for the broad field of adult education. The site describes the history of this conference (created as an alternative to AERA) and provides links to proceedings of past conferences. The links for the last several years take you to full-text versions of the papers; for earlier years you can use this site to identify the paper’s title and then locate it within the ERIC system. The earlier papers are catalogued by proceedings. Click on the Conference Information link to obtain the latest news on the upcoming conference.
The Alliance is an association supporting professionals and higher learning institutes offering alternative and external undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Use the search feature on the homepage to locate resources on a specific issue related to alternative and external degree programs for adults.
This is an organization of adult education practitioners in the field of mathematics literacy with the aim of supporting collaboration and developing leadership.
ALM is an international research forum bringing together researchers and practitioners in adult mathematics/numeracy to promote learning of mathematics by adults.
AAACE is the national umbrella organization dedicated to enhancing the field of adult education in its many forms and settings. Links to information about membership, conferences, and publications are available.
ASTD focuses on workplace training and development issues. This site contains a national job bank for individuals seeking employment as a training professional.
This organization comprised of colleges, universities, and individuals emphasizes professional development, research, and information exchange for its members. ACHE is responsible for the publication The Journal of Continuing Higher Education. The Useful Information link provides instructions on how to join their listserv.
For the past twenty years the ACÉÉA-CASAE has been promoting research and advancements in adult education in North America. Links to previous conferences permit access to full-text papers on adult education and related topics.
  • Center for Adult Learning & Educational Credentials (CALEC)
A useful site serving adult learners through corporate programs, military programs, and GED testing services.
COABE is a national membership organization for adult education professionals. Promoting adult literacy and basic education for undereducated and disadvantaged adults, its emphasis is on adult basic education, English as a second language, and citizenship education. COABE sponsors the publication Adult Basic Education. This site also provides COABE conference information and legislative updates related to adult education issues.
CEA is a professional organization supporting educators and administrators who work in correctional settings. Its website provides the history of corrections education along with related links to programs, associations, research, listservs, and jobs.
CAEL is a nonprofit organization promoting greater access to quality adult education by partnering with businesses, government, labor unions, and higher education. CAEL is known for its work in providing technical assistance and networking within nontraditional higher education, especially programs for assessment of prior college-level learning. This site provides numerous links to additional Web resources.
  • Dictionary of Contemporary Adult Education
Principles and Principals: A Dictionary of Contemporary Adult Education Terms and Their Users by Bernadine W. Raiskums is a complete reference of adult education terms in pdf format. Although many of the terms included are basic to adult education, others are theoretical terms. The source for each definition is included.
  • ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education
Search this ERIC database for publications and other information relevant to adult education.
  • International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)
This site details information about this grassroots council and its programs, which include: learning for environmental action, gender and adult education, peace and human rights education, international literacy support service, and information and communications. Information about the adult education publication Convergence is also available.
LERN is an international organization offering consultation services to providers of lifelong learning.
  • Literacy Volunteers of America (LVA)
LVA is a national network of local, state, and regional literacy providers committed to increasing adult literacy through the use of volunteers.
The NAEPDC is a pertinent resource for adult education state directors and their staff members. It was incorporated in 1990 to fulfill a desire of state adult education staff to enhance their professional development. Organized by state directors of adult education, NAEPDC has four main purposes: to coordinate, develop, and conduct programs of professional development for state adult education staffs, to serve as a catalyst for public policy review and development related to adult education, to disseminate information on the field of adult education, and to maintain a visible presence for the state adult education program in our nation's capitol.
The NCAL website is a gateway to electronic resources and tools for the adult literacy communities.
Since 1962, the National Center for Community Education has been advocating community education by training individuals with a desire to work in community schools. Detailed information about training workshops is available.
NCES is the primary federal entity responsible for collecting and analyzing education data. The ED Stats at a Glance link provides a list of subjects from which to choose. You may also use a subject search to locate documents related to a given topic.
The NCSALL emphasizes building partnerships between researchers and practitioners and improving the quality of practice in adult education programs. Information on publications, reports, and teaching and training materials is available.
  • National Institute for Literacy (NIFL)
NIFL is a federal institute supporting the development of high-quality literacy services at regional, state, and national levels. Adult Reading Instruction is a recently added link providing practical information. Use the Literacy Directory to locate literacy programs by zip code or city and state.
The US Department of Education homepage includes links to vocational education and adult education. Using the search function is a fruitful way to elicit many resources on a more specific topic.
  • University Continuing Education Association
UCEA works with public and private higher learning institutions and affiliated nonprofit organizations to increase access to continuing higher education. The site’s Trend/News link provides current legislative information affecting continuing higher education. The Student Resources link lists continuing education providers across the nation.