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Strategic Plan

As teachers and scholars, our faculty are committed to providing quality instruction and ensuring the success of our students; enhancing the research environment; and promoting a collegial atmosphere through meaningful service.

I.    Create an environment that provides an opportunity for student success.

      A. Increased quality of our students

            1)   Adopt a college program.

            2)   Rigorously enforce prerequisites.

            3)   Establish criteria for acceptance of graduate students.

            4)   Investigate possibility for increasing financial incentives for graduate student recruitment.

      B. Increased retention of our students

            1)   Expand SI program.

            2)   Increase individual faculty responsibilities for mentoring our students.
      C. Our students successfully initiate their careers.

            1)   Create an internship program.

            2)   Develop relationships with recruiters.

II. Provide high quality academic programs.

      A. Program outcomes are established.

            1)   Administer standardized exams.

            2)   Consider an exit exam to be administered to graduating seniors.

      B. ACS Biochemistry accreditation is successfully achieved.

            1)   Review ACS guidelines.


      C. Program content is streamlined. 

            1)   Review individual course content and compare.
      D. New courses are developed.

            1)   Prepare to teach a Materials Chemistry course.

            2)   Prepare to teach a Chemical Engineering for Chemists course.

            3)   Prepare to teach an Environmental Chemistry course at the undergraduate level.

III. Increase research productivity.

      A. Increased number of publications, proposals, awards, and expenditures.
            1)   Maintain a 2/2 workload.
            2)   Coordinate with the Office of Sponsored Programs to provide direct marketing in Washington, D.C.
            3)   Post grant information on a department TRACS site.
      B. Improved infrastructure.
            1)   Create/reestablish space committee.
            2)   Hire a staff scientist.
            3)   Coordinate with the College of Science on centralized facilities.
            4)   Establish an equipment committee.
      C. Consensus achieved regarding resource allocations.
            1)   Regular program updates are provided at faculty meetings.
            2)   Establish a graduate orientation process.
            3)   Decisions should be based on data driven discussions.
            4)   Revise TA assignment procedures.

IV. Create a collegial environment that unifies and promotes the success of our faculty.

      A. A permanent chair is hired.
            1)   Define search criteria.
            2)   Solicit potential candidates.
      B. Number of personnel is increased.
            1)   Recruit long-term senior lecturers.
            2)   Develop list of superior talent candidates.
            3)   Continue to identify targets of opportunity.
      C. Equity is achieved among personnel.
            1)   Revisit merit raise allocation process.
            2)   Implement new research workload credit policy.
      D. Assessment of faculty is improved.
            1)   Establish a teaching evaluation policy.
            2)   Increase number of peer evaluations.
            3)   Develop student evaluations of faculty for upper level labs.
      E.   Tenure-track faculty are better supported.
            1)   Incoming faculty are assigned senior mentors.
            2)   Prioritize department responsibilities away from junior faculty.
      F.   Consensus is achieved about the direction of programs.
            1)   Place agenda items for programs at faculty meetings.

V. Promote the achievement and activities of the department.

      A. Increased involvement of alumni in the department.
            1)   Maintain current web page.
            2)   Create a department newsletter.
            3)   Update alumni list.
            4)   Invite alumni to department activities.
            5)   Solicit alumni achievements.
      B. Communication is improved.
            1)   Newsletter is distributed via e-mail.
            2)   Visit other college to promote our program.
            3)   TRACS site is created to promote announcements in the department.