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Undergraduate Minors

Undergraduate Minor in African American Studies

As of Fall 2019, Texas State University will be offering courses for an undergraduate minor in African American Studies. The aim of the minor is to provide an interdisciplinary program that will enrich students’ learning about multiculturalism and will teach them interpersonal and other skills needed in the workforce. The minor in African American Studies requires 18 semester credit hours, with 6 hours of required courses and 12 hours of prescribed electives.

Undergraduate Minor in Diversity Studies

The 18–hour minor provides for an interdisciplinary approach to Diversity Studies. It also provides conceptual frameworks for exploring new perspectives which recover the history and creative expressions previously excluded by the traditional approaches to higher education. The minor fosters students development of self, voice, and moral vision to prepare students to live and work effectively in a pluralistic society. 

Undergraduate Minor in Women’s Studies

The 18-hour minor offers an interdisciplinary program that concentrates on the images and realities of women. Drawing on recent scholarship on women and gender, the Women’s Studies minor provides a flexible, coherent program that enables students to consider the significance of gender.

On a personal level, courses in this program enhance the human potential of both men and women, because knowledge about how societies construct gender relations can encourage students to examine their own attitudes and behavior. On an academic level, a minor in Women’s Studies provides study of the ongoing scholarship about women and gender and offers students the opportunity for exciting intellectual growth. On a professional level, the minor provides a valuable specialty to prepare students for opportunities in a variety of fields, including business, counseling, education, government, health and medicine, human resources, law, politics, psychology, social work, and graduate studies. The Women’s Studies minor helps students recognize their opportunities in a rapidly changing society and flexibly complements any major.

How to Declare a Minor

Students wishing to declare a CDGS academic minor should contact the advising center in the college of their major.
To learn more about the minor programs or to discuss course substitutions students should contact the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies.

For more information:

For a more detailed outline of the requirements for the undergraduate Diversity Studies, Women's and Gender Studies Minor, and African American Studies Minor please refer to the course catalog.

Or contact:

Dr. Gloria Martinez, Director
Center for Diversity and Gender Studies UAC 478
Texas State University
601 University Drive
(512) 245-2361