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Graduate Diversity Studies Minor

The Diversity Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary, nine- to 15-hour program. The minor encourages students to increase their knowledge of their own culture, diverse groups, and other cultures in both the United States and our global society. The Diversity Studies minor includes critical theories on the intersection of race, gender, and class. In addition, issues related to sexual orientation, ethnic identity, and physical ability/disability are analyzed. There are two required courses, DVST 5310 and DVST 5320. Students can select their remaining courses from a list of prescribed electives found in the course catalog


DVST 5310: Diversity Studies: Theories and Issues

Focusing on the four major ethnic groups (Native Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, and Asian Americans), this interdisciplinary course introduces critical theories and issues relating to race, class, ethnicity, culture, and other areas of diversity in the United States. The literature component of the course will supplement the theoretical texts.

DVST 5320: Global Issues in Diversity

The course provides a framework for analyzing diversity globally. Students will examine how globalization acts to shape and re-shape ethnic identity and ethnic antagonism. In addition, the course also explores how the shaping and re-shaping of ethnic identity influence immigration policy, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and healthcare delivery.