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The History of the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies

UAC, the home of The Center for Multicultural & Gender Studies

The Center for Diversity and Gender Studies (CDGS) was established at the beginning of the 1984 academic year. Its foundation remains a credit to former Vice President for Academic Affairs, Susan W. Wittig, who recognized the strength of a new discipline spanning diverse study areas and the ability of faculty members on this campus to contribute positively and cooperatively to its development locally, regionally, and nationally.

Her vision, supported by a number of energetic and innovative instructors and administrators, brought Texas State University to another realization of its mission to engage in interdisciplinary programs and activities while maintaining the rigor and integrity of the underlying disciplines.

Original planning for the center was the responsibility of Dona Reeves Marquardt (Modern Languages), who served as its first director, from 1984 to 1986, and who established the center's direction as well as the direction of the Women's Studies minor. In the fall of 1986, the Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies opened a new office in the Evans Liberal Arts Building, with a new Director, Lydia Blanchard. The Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies continued in Flowers Hall 336, and later in Lampasas 303 under the direction of Dr. Sandra Mayo, who created the Multicultural Curriculum Transformation and Research Institute (MCTRI).

In August 2013, the Center relocated to the Undergraduate Academic Center, UAC 478, with Dr. Audwin Anderson as Director.