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Center for Diversity and Gender Studies

Welcome to the Center for Diversity & Gender Studies!

The Center for Diversity and Gender Studies (CDGS) is a part of the College of Liberal Arts, one of the seven colleges at Texas State University. CDGS, originally named Center for Multicultural and Gender Studies, was established at the beginning of the 1984 academic year.  Our mission is to assist students and faculty in preparing for a pluralistic society by providing resources that encourage the infusion of interdisciplinary curriculum that addresses race, class, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity. 

Congrats Dr. Anderson!!!

Photo of Dr. Anderson's Award Highlight

We wanted to highlight and congratulate Dr. Anderson on his JV Educational Leadership Award from JV Educational Consultants! 

Thank you for all you do for Texas State Dr. Anderson!

COVID-19 Resources

Student Guide to Financial Aid:

It's our hope to provide resources to students searching for affordability materials so that they can make the leap to finding success through higher education. Given the current situation our country finds itself in, with employment and academics greatly impacted, it is more important than ever to give our students the online resources they need. 

Links to Guide on Texas State University's website: