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Common Reading Program | 2015-2016

Common Reading Book for 2015-2016: ...y no se lo tragó la tierra / ...And the Earth Did Not Devour Him




As part of the Common Experience at Texas State University, the Common Reading Program provides all incoming freshmen with a critically acclaimed book related to the upcoming year's theme. You will read the book during the summer, then engage in discussion of the text in your University Seminar class at Texas State. You will also participate in Common Experience events throughout the year.

The Common Experience theme for 2015-2016 is "Bridged Through Stories: Shared Heritage of the United States and Mexico, an Homage to Dr. Tomás Rivera." This theme celebrates the life and legacy of one of Texas State's most distinguished alumni. This year's Common Reading book is Dr. Rivera's masterpiece: …y no se lo tragó la tierra / And the Earth Did Not Devour Him. We are proud to present a new edition that includes both the original Spanish version as well as the English translation. Learn more »

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