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Simon Charwey

Simon Charwey

Simon Charwey is a brand identity designer and anthologist on indigenous
African design systems and African symbology.

Charweyʼs works underpin a keener study of creativity at the intersection of
design and cultures; exploring the reliable relationship between cultural studies
and creativity.

Design is a cultural response. Hence, he is collaborating with creatives and
design educators in building a memberful cross-cultural creative network for
the next evolution of creatives and design educators who are able to learn from
different cultures and, create and teach from multiple perspectives.
His experiences growing up in unique locales in Ghana where symbols were
seen as part of shared knowledge systems and civilizations — ideas, values,
and creations — has led him to embarked on two book projects: African Logo
and Museum of Adinkra.

Charwey is the founder of @africandesignmatters online directory. A relevant
and timely initiative in solidarity and in support of the underrepresented
creatives, globally, which catalogues the good works of Black, Indigenous, and
People of Colour (BIPOC), Afrikan descent, and Afrika-born creatives. Its
mission is to focused on building a cross-cultural creative network that seeks to
build a tool that make it easy to initiate collaborative projects and support
systems among design educators, policy makers, cultural entrepreneurs,
design students, and practitioners — for a richer, diverse and inclusive art and
design history and curriculum that represent all cultures.

Charwey is a member of the Pan Afrikan Design Institute (PADI), which is the Design Council of Afrika. He is also the secretary of DesignGhana, a chapter of the PADI.