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Mallence Bart-Williams

Mallence Bart-Williams

Mallence Bart-Williams is a Sierra Leonean-German multi-facetted social entrepreneur in publishing, film, fashion, Ayurveda, writing and philanthropy are among her professional repertoire. Mallence pursued her studies in economics and finance in Paris, Singapore and Great Britain. Today she lives across the globe, produces a holistic natural body care line in Asia, with a special focus on womb wellness. Mallence is the founder and creative director of the Freetown-based creative collective FOLORUNSHO, a ‘SHARITY’ that she initiated with street kids in Sierra Leone - a blueprint that has taken homeless orphans off the streets into school by harnessing their creativity, without a single cent in donations. Their art graced collections and exhibitions in different countries, their fashion was sold in the most prestigious stores around the world and featured in international magazines. FOLORUNSHO has inspired millions of people around the world with their unique concept of SHARITY and creativity.

In 2017 Mallence founded the FREETOWN FLOOD EDUCATIONAL FUND, which provided education to 99 orphaned survivors of Sierra Leone’s 2017 flood and mudslide, until the current president of Sierra Leone made education free for all. She also founded the FEMALE INNOVATION LAB, with Sierra Leone’s brightest innovators to give young women the opportunity to create and income source via science and innovation.

Mallence serves as a member of the board of the Osiri University - Africa’s first online university to render an entirely African curriculum that is rooted in Africa’s ancient sciences and wisdom technologies, a means to resurrect the core of AFRICAN IDENTITY - the AFRICAN GENius.

Due to her cross-cultural roots she perceives herself as a bridge connecting two vastly different worlds.

Her diverse background enables her to see creative solutions to common problems. Through her work she connects cultural contrast, enabling unique synergies that yield action driven results.

In her TED x Berlin ‘CHANGE YOUR CHANNEL’ Mallence shared a truth that not only deeply resonated with people across the globe, but many felt compelled to share. Her TED x was independently translated into more than 5 languages and became a social media phenomena that was shared over 50 million times via various social media platforms, raising global awareness via a sensational grass - roots movement. Mallence's thought provoking TED Talk has become an integral part of academic curricula of universities and high schools in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas as a timeless piece of essential truth, that will be recognized by generations to come, when analyzing the global economic imbalances of our present times.

CHANGE YOUR CHANNEL not only served as an eye opener, but also raised the bar of the widespread status quo in regards to Africa's representation and its perception globally. Ever since independent research and reports have been published that enforce Mallence's statement.