Erwin Hines

Erwin Hines

Erwin Hines grew up in Cleveland, OH where he watched his parents build affordable housing within the inner city. Watching the positive impact of designed space on people inspired him to pursue Architecture in his first year with the goal of becoming a city planner. During his first year in university, he fell in love with fine art and its ability to create a shift in the larger cultural fabric and decided to take some time off of school to really explore that side of his creativity. Over that year he started to discover the power of BRANDING and became enamored with the idea of a BRAND being a mental space that could help foster empathy and connection between people. Ultimately he started to see BRANDS as platforms for positive social and cultural change. He now works with organizations to help shape how they show up for their customers in a more authentic way, in a way that supports, uplifts, and amplifies the voices of the people. 


  • Creative Director & Co-Head of DE&I at BASIC

  • Creative Director & Co-Founder of OpenGym

  • Board Member at the San Diego African American Art Museum

  • Curator and Co/Founder of Sari (not) Sorry

  • Co-Founder of Future Is Color

  • Co-Founder & Creative Director of White Rice