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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Athletic Band Questions

    • Any Texas State University student with high school band experience is eligible to participate in the Bobcat Marching Band or Bobcat Basketball Band.

    • No! Of the 300+ students involved, more than 60% are majoring in areas other than music.

    • The Bobcat Marching Band rehearses on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the football season from 4:00 - 6:30 PM. Additionally, the band performs at all home football games, typically one away game a year, and a number of exhibitions throughout the fall.

      The Bobcat Basketball Band rehearses on Mondays during the spring semester only and performs at all men's and women's home games and post-season tournaments.

    • YES! Membership in the Bobcat Marching Band includes an $800 scholarship (pending an audition if needed). Additional marching band scholarships are available for longevity and for members selected for student leadership positions.

      There are also scholarships ranging from $150 to $450 for select members of the Bobcat Basketball Band.

      Scholarship funds will be applied to each eligible student’s account upon successful completion of the requirements of the organization and/or position at the end of the season.

    • Auditions are required for color guard, twirlers, and percussionists.

      Brass and woodwind players with high school experience are admitted without preliminary auditions. HOWEVER, we occasionally experience more interest than we can support, and therefore have auditions for spots in those specific sections. If auditions are needed, they will take place during the first few days of our preseason camp.

      Auditions for the Bobcat Basketball Band are held annually at the end of the fall semester.

    • Once you have been officially accepted to the university, there are three easy steps for joining the Bobcat Marching Band:

      1.) Register for the class - for students who are new to Texas State (incoming Freshman and Transfer Students) make sure you register for the class during summer orientation. All band members MUST be registered for the class to participate!
      MUSE 3120-001 All woodwind players
      MUSE 3120-002 All brass players
      MUSE 3120-003 All percussionists
      MUSE 3120-004 All color guard & twirlers

      2.) Fill out the Band Information Form online - this application is available on the band website beginning in late April / early May, and must be filled out by ALL members who plan to march! Due August 1st.

      3.) Order equipment / download the membership packet - fill out an online order for required accessories. Download the membership packet and return all forms to the Texas State School of Music as indicated.

    • No. The band program is set up for you to participate in what interests you, where your abilities lie, and what fits in your schedule. Maybe it's everything, maybe it's just a part. (Music majors have specific requirements.)

    • Preseason camp is held in mid-August, typically ten or eleven days before the start of classes. This is when auditions will be held for the wind sections if needed, and it is when we learn the music and drill for our halftime and pregame shows. Preseason camp is mandatory for all members.

    • The membership packet will be available to download in early May from the Texas State Band website.

    • No, you will check in to your university-assigned dorm room at the beginning of preseason camp.

    • As early as possible! It's imperative that your New Student Orientation is NOT scheduled during our summer preseason camp.

    • Instruments used include piccolo, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophone, trumpet, mellophone, trombone, baritone, sousaphone, and percussion.

    • The university will supply percussion instruments, sousaphones, baritones, mellophones, piccolos, and a limited amount of tenor saxophones. A small rental fee is required for use of these instruments. Members are expected to provide all other instruments. If you need one of these instruments, you will check it out during preseason camp.

      NOTE: Woodwind players are strongly recommended to use a 'marching instrument.' Wooden clarinets and conservatory model saxophones do not do well in the extreme weather conditions we experience during the marching band season.

    • You are responsible for supplying Cesario MTX black marching shoes, black gloves, and black socks. You also need to purchase a BMB T-shirt and marching shorts from the band department. Information on ordering this equipment is online and in the summer mailing packet.

    • All BMB members need to provide their own lyre and flip folder. Any student using a school-owned instrument needs to provide their own mouthpiece.

    • Not at all!

    • Other than registering for the class, the cost to be in any of the bands is minimal. Example extra costs are: school-owned instrument fee, marching band T-shirt, marching shorts, shoes and gloves.

 Do you still have questions about the Athletic Bands at Texas State?
If so, please Email Dr. Kyle Glaser at: