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Experimental Archaeology Club

Texas State University Experiemntal Archaeology Club; Texas State Applied AnthropologyTexas State University Experiemntal Archaeology Club; Texas State Applied Anthropology

The Experimental Archaeology Club is a registered and recognized student organization at Texas State University - San Marcos.  Founded in 2010, the Experimental Archaeology Club is a student organization created to expose Texas State University students to experimental archaeology.  Although the majority of student members are Anthropology majors or minors, people of all backgrounds are encouraged to join and participate.

What is Experimental Archaeology?

What is Experimental Archaeology; Texas State University Applied AnthropologyExperimental archaeology is the use of experimentation including, but not restricted to, the replication of primitive technologies and early life-ways believed to be observed by early peoples.  By carefully constructing experiments with specific questions in mind we can learn a lot about the materials used in these practices, the specific methods used to execute such activities, and the cultural importance of such activities to peoples' daily lives.

Why Create an Experimental Archaeology Club?

Why Create an Archaeology club?; Texas State University Applied AnthropologyThe hope of this club is to encourage students to learn more about archaeology through the experiments and events of the group.  We believe that there is a lot to be learned from experimenting with primitive technologies and the replication of life-ways believed to be used by early peoples of our region.

Experimental Archaeology Club Goals

The purpose of the Experimental Archaeology Club is to:

Experimental Archaeology Club Goals; Texas State University Applied Anthropology

  • Expose students to the exciting field of experimental archaeology.
  • Promote participation in professional meetings through presentations and publications resulting from the experiments performed as part of the club.
  • Promote the preservation and conservation of archeological materials and sites.
  • Promote education of the membership and public to the aims of archaeology,


In accordance with these, members of the Experimental Archaeology Club should:

  • Seek to ensure that the exploration of archaeological sites be conducted according to the highest standards under the direct supervision of qualified personnel, and that the results of such research be made public.
  •  Refuse to participate in the trade in artifacts and refrain from activities that enhance  the commercial value of such objects.