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Core doctoral faculty are listed below. These faculty can serve as dissertation advisors for Ph.D. students; please contact them via email to see if they are accepting students for the upcoming academic year. Other anthropology faculty may serve as dissertation committee members.


C. Britt Bousman

hunter-gatherer foraging and technology, geoarchaeology

J. David Kilby

Pleistocene foragers, Southwest prehistory, lithic technology, geoarchaeology

Carolyn Boyd

prehistoric art and ritual, hunter-gatherer archaeology

F. Kent Reilly

Mesoamerican civilization, religion, art and symbols

Christina Conlee

dynamics of complex societies, foundations and relations of power

Biological Anthropology

Michelle D. Hamilton

forensic and dental anthropology, paleopathology

M. Kate Spradley

forensic anthropology, identification methods, migration

Nicholas Herrmann

skeletal biology, eastern Mediterranean bioarchaeology

Daniel Wescott

forensic anthropology, bone biomechanics

Jill Pruetz

primatology, behavioral ecology, conservation

Cultural Anthropology

Emily Brunson

medical anthropology, healthcare, public health

Nicole Taylor

youth and social media, childhood obesity and body image, adolescent and emerging adult health