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Nicole Taylor

Texas State University Applied Anthropology, Dr. Nicole Taylor, Cultural Anthropology Dr. Nicole Taylor
Associate Professor

Office: ELA 236
Phone: 512.245.2473

Curriculum Vitae (pdf download)

PhD –University of Arizona, Anthropology
MA—Texas A&M University, English
BA—Texas State University, English

I’m an anthropologist who explores contemporary social issues related to education and health through the analytic lens of language practices. My research includes teasing and bullying in schools, childhood obesity, and body image concerns among youth.  I am currently working on an NSF funded research project that examines how college students create identities and connect with each other through social media as well as the impact of social media use on body image and self-esteem. A central goal of this research is to explore ethical and methodological boundaries of conducting participant observation in social media.

I received my PhD in anthropology from the University of Arizona.  Following graduate school, I worked in nonprofit and corporate settings conducting research in the areas of substance abuse, education and poverty, childhood obesity, and school climate. I then served for five years as the Director of Scholar Programs at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico before returning to Texas State University, my undergraduate alma mater, to accept a faculty position.

Research Interests

Language, gender, and identity; teasing and gossip practices; childhood obesity and body image; adolescent and emerging adult health; youth and social media; ethnographic and applied research methods; contemporary U.S. and educational research settings

Selected Publications

Taylor, Nicole, and Orit Tamir
2019. Diverse Student Experiences in Higher Education: Implications for the Anthropology Classroom (Guest Editor's Introduction). Teaching & Learning Anthropology Journal (Special Issue) 2(2):1-6.

Tamir, Orit, and Nicole Taylor
2019. Nontraditional Students: Understanding and Meeting their Needs in the Anthropology Classroom. Teaching & Learning Anthropology (Special Issue) 2(2):25-40.

Morey, Taylor, and Nicole Taylor
2019. Understanding How Undergraduate Students Experience and Manage Stress. Implications for Teaching and Learning Anthropology. Teaching & Learning Anthropology (Special Issue) 2(2):41-61.

Taylor, Nicole, Louie Dean Valencia, and Alejandro Allen.
2019. Confidentiality and Ethics in Social Media Research: 2017-2019 “Social Media and the Self” Project Findings. Technical Report Submitted to the Texas State Institutional Review Board.

Taylor, Nicole
2017. Fat is a Linguistic Issue: Discursive Negotation of Power, Identity, and the Gendered Body among Youth. In Fat Planet: Obesity, Culture, and Symbolic Body Capital. Eileen Anderson-Fye and Alexandra Brewis, eds. pp. 125-147. Santa Fe, NM: SAR Press; Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press.

Taylor, Nicole, and Mimi Nichter.
2017.  Studying Body Image and Food Consumption Practices. In Research Methods in the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition. John A. Brett and Janet Chrzan, eds.  pp. 58-69.  Oxford, UK: Berghahn Books.

Taylor, Nicole, and Mimi Nichter.
2017.  Body Image: Supporting Healthy Behaviors on College Campuses. In Further Wellness Issues for Higher Education: How to Promote Student Health During and After College. David S. Anderson, ed.  Pp. 19-37. New York: Routledge.

Taylor, Nicole
2016.  Schooled on Fat: What Teens Tell Us About Gender, Body Image, and Obesity. New York: Routledge (Innovative Ethnographies Series).
Finalist (Anthropology/Archeology), 2016 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards
First Place (Societal Issues), 2016-2017 ReaderViews Literary Awards
Best Non-fiction Book of the Year, 2016-17 ReaderViews Literary Awards

Taylor, Nicole
2011. Negotiating Popular Obesity Discourses in Adolescence: School Food, Personal Responsibility, and Gendered Food Consumption Behaviors. Food, Culture & Society 14(4): 587-606.

Taylor, Nicole
2011. “Guys, She’s Humongous!”: Gender and Weight-Based Teasing in Adolescence. Journal of Adolescent Research 26(2):178-199.

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2019.  How to Talk to Your Kids about Weight.  NBC Better (September 8).

2017.  Author Interview. Inside Scoop Live (July 12)

2016.  How Teens Experience Fat Teasing and Body Image During a Time of Heightened Obesity Stigma. Huffington Post Blog (July 21).

Courses Taught

Anthropology 3303: Applied Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology 3325: Medical Anthropology
Anthropology 3375: Anthropology of Youth
Anthropology 3376: Language and the Body
Anthropology 4304: Language, Culture and Society
Anthropology 5360: Qualitative Methods
Anthropology 5373: Applied Anthropology Methods