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Garth Sampson

Texas State University Applied Anthropology, Dr. Garth Sampson, ArchaeologyVisiting Research Professor

Garth Sampson has degrees in Archaeology from the Universities of Cape Town, Cambridge, and Oxford. He has taught at Southern Methodist University (U) since 1972. Other appointments have been at National Museum in Bloemfontein, South Africa, U. of Cape Town, U.C. Berkeley, U. of Oregon, U. of the Witwatersrand, S. African Museum, Cape Town, and U. Washington, Seattle.

He is a research archaeologist with primary interests in pre-farming communities. Although he has worked in N. California, England, Channel islands, Iran, and Zambia, his main focus has been central South Africa, and particularly the Seacow River valley where he has headed a long-term, large scale Stone Age project since 1979. He has published 13 books and monographs plus some 70 papers on a wide variety of archaeological topics, spanning the Lower Palaeolithic to the historical Contact periods. He has received numerous research grants, mostly from the National Science Foundation.

His research interests include Palaeolithic archaeology, ethnoarchaeology of hunter-gatherers, Paleoanthropology, Quaternary palaeoecology, multidisciplinary archaeology, and spatial archaeology. He is currently working on converting the Seacow River survey data to a GIS platform.