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Sophia Mavroudas

Texas State University Applied Anthropology, Sophia Mavroudas, Forensic Anthropology

Program Faculty
Coordinator of the Forensic Anthropology Center 
Phone: 512.245.1900
Office: Grady Early Building Rm 112
1921 Old Ranch Rd 12, San Marcos, TX 78666


Educational Background
MA - New York University, 2011
Forensic Anthropology, Bioarchaeology, Zooarchaeology, Bone histology

I received my MA from NYU in 2011.  I am a biological anthropologist specifically interested in the use of bone histology as it applies to both forensic anthropology and bioarchaeology.  My current research focuses on accuracy and precision investigations of forensic methods, the use of bone histology to estimate the age-at-death of human skeletal remains from both forensic and archaeological contexts,  and the study of microstructural differences between human and nonhuman bone.  As the Coordinator for the Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State (FACTS), I am also dedicated to the instruction of law enforcement and anthropology enthusiasts through the many varied workshops offered by FACTS.