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San Pedro Cemetery

Decorated Graves from San Pedro Project


The San Pedro Cemetery Association was a voluntary association established by persons of Mexican heritage in 1909, when most cemeteries in Texas were segregated by ethnicity. Luis Rosales and others helped collect money from Mexican American residents in the area to purchase approximately two acres of land. A group of 47 men are listed on the By-Laws as the founders of the Cemetery. Records from 1915 indicate that the Association had approximately 300 members, and in 1933 they purchased another 2 acres. Based on the By-Laws, the Association wanted to preserve the right for persons of all means and all faiths to bury their loved ones.

The cemetery memorial is located in the center of the cemetery, but was not built until 1933.It is a stepped pyramid shape made of stone and cement, with shells embedded along the edges. Now the stone base is painted white. The use of the mosaic tiled cross, which is brightly colored and has an inset star-type shape at the base of the cross, is typical of Mexican American cemeteries. The text on the plaque reads Obra de la Buena Voluntad, Abril 30 [?], Cementerio San Pedro.

El Madero