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Beth Erhart

Texas State University Applied Anthropology, Dr. Erhart, Biological AnthropologyProfessor and Department Chair
Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin, 1996
Phone: (512) 245-3435
Office: ELA 266

Primate behavior and ecology

Dr. Erhart is a biological anthropologist specializing in primate behavior and ecology.  Her research topics include behavioral development, the evolution of behavior, demography, nutritional ecology, and anthropogenic effects on primate groups.  She has conducted fieldwork in Madagascar and Mexico.

Monkey Mayhem and Maya Mysteries Field School in Belize


Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses:
ANTH 2414: Biological Anthropology
ANTH 1312: Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3340: Human and Primate Origins
ANTH 3342: Primate Behavior
ANTH 3348: Rainforest Ecology
ANTH 3364: Biological Basis of Human Behavior
ANTH 4363: Field Methods in Primate Behavior and Ecology
ANTH 4310: History of Anthropological Thought

Graduate Courses:
ANTH 5312: Seminar in Biological Anthropology
ANTH 5340: Paleoanthropology
ANTH 5342: Primate Behavior
ANTH 5333: Research Design in Biological Anthropology