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Augustine Agwuele

Dr. Augustine Agwuele, 2019

Augustine Agwuele
Department of Anthropology

(512) 471-9002
ELA: 242


Augustine Agwuele, Ph.D., is a linguist with the Department of Anthropology. A Fulbright and Carnegie Fellow, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of general linguistics, phonetics, peoples and cultures of Africa, and Socio-cultural Anthropology.

Augustine Agwuele is an interdisciplinary scholar. In phonetics, he studies coarticulation, in particular, he applies the locus equations perspective to segmental and suprasegmental interactions. In socio-cultural linguistics, he explores habitual and trivial practices pertaining to cultural use of language. He is also interested in how verbal and non-verbal signals that index different cultural contents and worldviews are exchanged within groups. He follows closely Yoruba peoples of Nigeria, AbaGusii and Babukusu of Kenya, and Sidama and Nyangatom peoples of Ethiopia.

Linguistics\ Phonetics,- C-V Coarticulation
Socio-Cultural Studies
Peoples & Cultures of Africa