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About Our Program

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About Applications

About Funding

  • If you meet the criteria to apply for Texas residency, we strongly encourage you to do so.

    Alternatively, all out-of-state students who have scholarships in the amount of $1000 or more are given in-state tuition for the academic year in which they receive the scholarship. For this reason we strongly encourage all out-of-state students to actively search for financial support in the form of scholarships.

  • Financial aid applications are processed through the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. We cannot help students with this process.

    In regards to departmental funding, we do provide some students limited financial support through GIA (graduate instructional assistant) and GRA (graduate research assistant) positions. There is no application process for these appointments. Admitted students are considered based on their GPA, GRE scores and other factors. To be considered students only need to submit their application by the application deadline (January 15) and be admitted in good standing by the Graduate College (i.e. not conditional admittance).

    There are also college-level scholarships available. As soon as you submit your application to our program you should apply for the Celebrity Classic Scholarship as well as the Graduate College Scholarship: Once acceptance decisions have been made by the department, the highest ranked applicants in terms of GPA, GRE scores and strong letters of recommendation, will be nominated by the department for the Texas State Graduate Merit Fellowship.

    We also strongly encourage students to look for outside sources of funding. Your current university should be able to help you begin this process.