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M.A. Degree and Course Catalog

Requirements for a Master of Arts (M. A.) with a Major in Anthropology

The basic degree requirement for the Masters of Arts with a major in Anthropology is 36 semester hours of graduate level coursework (5000-level or higher), including six credit hours of thesis. All students must take core seminars in Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, and Archaeology. Biological Anthropology and Archaeology students are also required to take a course in Anthropological Statistics. Students in each subdiscipline have 6 hours of required subdiscipline-related coursework. For their remaining credit hours, students may take coursework in their areas of research specialization, are free to select electives from any master’s course within the department, or may select up to six credit hours of master’s courses outside the department. (Transfer hours in other elective subjects will be evaluated on an individual basis.)

Archaeology Studnets Conducting Field Work

Requirements for Minor
The requirement for a M.A. anthropology minor is nine semester hours of master’s level coursework (5000-level or higher) with coursework tailored to the needs of the student.

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