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Anthropology Ph.D. Program

Texas State University offers a Ph.D. degree in applied anthropology. This unique, small, and intense program focuses on three main areas – research techniques, theory, and professionalism. The curriculum emphasizes skills that train students for a broad range of non-academic and academic jobs. These include intercultural communication, interdisciplinary understanding, research design, grant writing, project management, ethics and professional conduct, methods of data collection, and the use of theory in the interpretation of data.

The department has two major centers, the Center for Archaeological Studies, and the Forensic Anthropology Center, that provide research opportunities, lab space, and equipment for doctoral students. Faculty in the department are engaged in research worldwide and specialize in a variety of areas of anthropology. Please see individual faculty pages.

Dr. Christina Conlee is the Ph.D. program coordinator. For more information email or phone 512.245.8272.