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Digital Sign Request Form

Please submit the form below to have a digital sign created for your program or event. 

Things to keep in mind before submitting this form -

  • Be specific with requests, particularly if you have a certain design or layout in mind.  I will do my best to get exactly what you want, but I need a detailed idea to work with.
  • (Coming Soon) In an effort to maintain consistency, I will be creating a few templates for various slide types.  If you are okay with the look of the template, pick one of them for faster turnaround times. 
  • The sign is 1920x1080 pixels.  Full screen images MUST be at least this size or they will be distorted and not accepted.  Larger images are always better!  Any image not displayed at full screen size must be at least 800x800 pixels, the only exception being program logos that are meant only for branding. 
  • Each slide is displayed for 25 seconds.  Do not include more text than can be read in this time.  Be precise, the less the better.
  • If you would like a slide created for an event, make sure you get the information to me a few weeks in advance so we can advertise it properly.
  • If the slide is for an event please include a completed event flyer with all available event information.
  • I will do my best to get slides posted as quickly as possible, but it may take a few days to finish.  Everything  also must be approved by Dr. Erhart before posting, so plan ahead and please be patient. 
  • Attach photos separately, (not in a word document with your text) or email photos directly to

If you would prefer to discuss designs and layouts in person please email me at and I will be happy to meet with you.

Attach images/slide text below, or email them to

Full screen images must be 1920x1080 pixels

Other images must be at least 800x800 pixels