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Operation Identification

Imagine if your loved one disappeared and you did not know what happened to him or her. This is a reality many families of migrants face. To aid in this effort, Dr. Kate Spradley of FACTS started a project called Operation Identification (OpID). The project involves the collaboration of FACTS, Baylor University, University of Indianapolis, Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team, Colibri Center, and Facial Images. The goal of OpID is to recover and identify individuals that die crossing into the United States along the Texas border and return the remains to their families. 

This is a volunteer effort and a community service. If you would like more information about the project, please contact Dr. Kate Spradley or visit the Facebook page.

The project involves the collaboration of FACTS, the South Texas Human Rights CenterArgentine Forensic Anthropology Team, and the Colibri Center Center for Human Rights, and Facial Images with volunteer efforts from University of Indianapolis and Baylor University. The mission of OpID is to identify human remains found on or near the South Texas border through community outreach, forensic anthropological analysis, and collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations. 

TABA OpID 2016 (PDF, 2 MB)