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2008 Maya Hieroglyphic Workshop

Saludos, estimadas/os Listeras y Listeros
Texas State University Weekend Workshop on Maya Hieroglyphic Writing
Feb 16-17, 2008

Peter Keeler has recently retired from 15 years as Director of the University of Texas Maya Meetings and programmed the Forum on Maya Hieroglyphic Writing.

Barbara MacLeod is an expert on Maya Glyphs, has been involved in crucial breakthroughs in the decipherment of hieroglyphic writing, and continues to be on the cutting edge of glyph research. She is an experienced caver who has visited and conducted research in the Naj Tunich cave.

Nick Carter is a veteran instructor of glyph workshops at both Texas State University and the University of Texas Maya Meetings.

Day one focused on an introduction to the glyphs for beginners, and suitable instruction tailored to the skill level of more experienced participants, with individuals breaking into small groups for hands-on practice.

Day two, delved into the realm of the ceremonial underworld of Naj Tunich Cave--a labyrinth of passages where artifacts and paintings testify to ancient visitations over many centuries. We examined some of the fascinating images and lengthy hieroglyphic texts to learned what arcane rites these visitors were performing and how they documented elapsed time in the ritual space of the underworld.

Director: Dr. Kent Reilly, III (
Dept of Anthropology
Texas State University
601 University Dr
San Marcos, TX 78666
phone: 512-245-8272