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Goals & Objectives

White Sherman Preserve
White Shaman Preserve:
Pecos River Style

Historical, archaeological, and anthropological research into the arts of ancient indigenous Texans and other New World peoples.

An academic center for the study of Texas Rock Art and Iconogrpahic studies at Texas State University.

Programs in tourism that would promote the arts of ancient Texans and other indigenous people of the U.S. and link Texas State University to similar programs that are developing in Mexico, Guatemala and other areas of the Americas.

Organize and Host
A series of annual and biannual conferences and workshops devoted to the study of ancient indigenous art and its tourism potential. In addition to these events, the center also funds occasional excursions that faculty and students can participate in and learn from.

Increase Student Employability
Through training in the preparation of reports, the writing of grants, and exposure to curatorial techniques at major museums and curation facilities.