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Doctoral student Kaelyn Dobson featured in Anthropology podcast

Doctoral student Kaelyn Dobson can be heard in the podcast Anthropologically Speaking on Apple Podcasts: "Monkey Business: Talking Primatology" with Kaelyn Dobson.

"Anthropology isn't just the study of humans... there's some incredible anthro research about our non-human primate friends, too! Join Katie and Isabelle as they talk to Texas State PhD student Kaelyn Dobson about all things monkeys! With topics from gut microbiomes to monkey antics, this episode is sure not bonoboring! (Yes, we recognize that that is an awful pun)."

Anthropology Department Brown Bag | Dr. Kent Reilly

Dr. Kent Reilly ImageOur next faculty brown bag will take place next Friday, October 23 from 12:00-1:00 pm via Zoom. This time we will be hearing from Dr. Kent Reilly who will be giving the talk: "Recovering Ancient Spiro: Native American Art, Ritual, and Cosmic Renewal."

Missing in Brooks County

Dr. Kate Spradley and the Operation Identification team, including Drs. Nick Herrmann and Tim Gocha and MA and PhD students are featured in Missing in Brooks County, a new feature length documentary about missing and unidentified persons in South Texas, Missing in Brooks County.

The film will premier October 9th at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival and can be viewed online throughout the US. Check out to watch the trailer and check for updates on other showings.

Three Doctoral Students Received $150,000 NIJ Research Fellowships

Three of our doctoral students received $150,000 National Institute of Justice Graduate Research Fellowships: Emilie Wiedenmeyer (mentor Michelle Hamilton), Mariah Moe (mentors Kate Spradley, Tim Gocha) and Petra Banks (mentor Nick Herrmann). The titles of their projects are below.

Congratulations to all! A very special thanks to Danny Wescott, who teaches our doctoral proposal writing class, and to Andrea Hilkovitz and Brian Smith (Graduate College), who provide extraordinary help and support to our students.

Emilie: An examination of musculoskeletal markers in modern populations for forensic analysis and identification purposes.

Mariah: Finding the missing and unidentified: The application of predictive modeling, ground-penetrating radar, and small unmanned aircraft-mounted infrared imagery for the detection of unmarked graves.

Petra: Skeletal blast trauma: Determining the effect of known and experimental blast events on trauma patterns, fracture behavior, and blast scene recovery approaches

Their proposal abstracts can be found here on the National Institute of Justice website.

Emilie Wiedenmeyer photo

Emilie Widenmeyer

Mariah Moe photo

Mariah Moe

Petra Banks

Petra Banks

Get-to-know-the-faculty Brown Bag, Friday, September 18, 2020!

Dr. Jill PruetzDr. Jill Pruetz will be presenting "Pan the Hunter: Female Chimps in Senegal Hunt and Provision Others."




Jodi Jacobson, 2020Dr. Jodi Jacobson will be presenting "My Dog Ate My Bone Tool: Domesticated Dog Evidence at an Archaeological Site in Central Texas."

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