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Department of Anthropology

Departmental News

Phi Kappa Phi Love of Learning Award

Congratulations to Petra Banks, mentor Nick Herrmann, who was awarded a Love of Learning Award by the Phi Kappa Phi honor society based on her superior academic record and life/career ambitions. Phi Kappa Phi is the oldest and most selective multidisciplinary honor society in the United States.

Lambda Alpha Graduate Research Grant Winner

Congratulations to Kaelyn Dobson, mentor Dr. Jill Pruetz, who has received a Graduate Research Grant from Lambda Alpha the National Collegiate Honor Society for Anthropology.

Her research is on the impacts of facilities’ protocols on captive primate species’ gut microbiomes through comparisons of the biodiversity and composition of Saimiri gut microbiomes through fecal sample analysis. This research builds on previous knowledge of primate gut humanization in captive scenarios by identifying detailed information on the influencing characteristics of captive housing and management. Results will provide implications to the impacts of captive primate living with recommendations for best practices regarding housing, grouping, interactions, conservation plans, human proximity protocols for captive and wild primates and considerations for future interactions with primates.  She was additionally awarded the Lambda Charles R. Jenkins Award by recommendation of the Theta chapter of the society.

Anthropology Student Awards

Congratulations to our undergraduate anthropology majors who won Undergraduate Research Fellowships, participated in the Honors College Undergraduate Research Conference, and wrote Honors Theses!

Undergraduate Research Fellowships

  • Eliana Gutierrez, The Differences in Decomposition in Charred Human Remains Compared to Un-Charred Remains (Supervising Professor, Dr. Daniel Wescott)
  • Nadia Luis, Sharp! The Dangers Around Inaccessibility of Sharps Containers and Needle Exchange Programs in San Antonio, Texas (Supervising Professor, Dr. Nicole Taylor)

Undergraduate Research Conference Participants

  • Lucille Lynch, Mother Nature: Gender’s Impact on Individual Environmental Actions and Perceptions (Supervising Professor, Dr. Nicole Taylor)
  • Caroline Story, Southern Dialects of English: Texas Speech ( Supervising Professor, Dr. Augustine Agwuele)

Honors Theses

  • Jaelyn Browne, The Bone Chilling Truth: Buying and Selling Human Skeletal Remains on the Internet (Supervising Professor, Dr. Michelle D. Hamilton)
  • Lucille Lynch, Mother Nature: Gender’s Impact on Individual Environmental Actions and Perceptions (Supervising Professor, Dr. Nicole Taylor)
  • Malka Riell, COVID-19 on Campus: Protective Measures of Texas State Students Enrolled in Face-to-Face Instruction (Supervising Professor, Dr. Emily Brunson)
  • Caroline Story, Southern Dialects of English: Texas Speech (Supervising Professor, Dr. Augustine Agwuele)
Anthropology Faculty Awards and Promotions

Congratulations to our outstanding faculty members on their recent awards and promotions!

  • Dr. Emily Brunson received a Distinction Award for Scholarship
  • Dr. Deborah Cunningham received College Achievement Award for Scholarship
  • Dr. Todd Ahlman has been promoted to Associate Professor of Practice
  • Dr. David Kilby has been promoted to Professor
Dr. Carolyn Boyd | Rock art documentation project in the news

Dr. Carolyn Boyd and her work with Shumla Archaeological Research & Education Center to document the ancient murals of southwest Texas was recently featured in The Art Newspaper and ARTnews.

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